Welcome to Pumpkin Fascinators

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Your fearless leader

Greetings pumpkin fans! I’m Daniel Boulet and I will be your fearless(?) leader on this journey into the world of things that fascinate pumpkins (that’s me in dress uniform on the left).

The plan is for this blog to become a stream of very short postings containing links to articles and such that I find interesting.

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I can be reached via email. My email address looks kinda like danny@example.com except that you have to replace the word ‘example’ with ‘matilda’. Also, make sure that your email has a subject line that says what you want to talk about (I ignore emails that look like spam and I only spend about two seconds deciding if an email from someone that I don’t recognize looks legit – in other words, put something in your subject line that makes it NOT look like spam).

Alternatively, put what you want to say into a comment in the Greetings! article (it’s always the top article on this blog’s home page). Note that if you use this technique, make sure that you say enough to convince me that your comment isn’t just spam.

We’ll see how it goes . . .