“Assault Rifles Won’t Solve Your Feral Hog Problem, Say Scientists”

There really are people out there who believe that they need to be prepared should a herd of 30 to 50 feral hogs suddenly come charging out of the woods into the space that their children are playing in. These sorts of “Hollywood-movie-threats” tend to be given as examples when people with an overreliance on the effectiveness of firearms find themselves having to justify their need for an assault rifle.

The problem is that these folks don’t seem to understand that:

  1. there are all sorts of ‘surprises’ which could suddenly threaten their children like an out-of-control car crashing through the fence or a piece of an airplane falling out of the sky
  2. many of these ‘surprises’ are more likely to happen than a herd of 30 to 50 feral pigs appearing in the backyard of their suburban neighbourhood home
  3. an assault rifle with a super-sized clip isn’t going to be very useful should most of the most likely ‘surprises’ happen