“Russell Kirsch, inventor of the pixel, dies in his Portland home at age 91”

Everything in our digital world was invented or discovered by someone. Russell A. Kirsch invented the pixel.


While working with the National Bureau of Standards as a member of the Standards Eastern Automatic Computer (SEAC) team in 1957, Russell Kirsch invented the pixel while developing a digital scanner. The 176×176 pixel image above of Russell’s son was one of the first digitally scanned images.



“Microsoft admits expiring-password rules are useless”

Computer security professionals have argued against password expiration rules for a very long time. The problem with such rules is that they result in users picking weak passwords, or writing down their passwords, or having a list of say five passwords that they cycle through over time.


“Lockdown – The coming war on general-purpose computing”

Way way back in December of 2011, science fiction author Cory Doctorow gave a speech at the Chaos Computer Conference in Berlin. He later turned the speech into the article referenced below. That article contains the following amazing paragraph:

“As a member of the Walkman generation, I have made peace with the fact that I will require a hearing aid long before I die. It won’t be a hearing aid, though; it will really be a computer. So when I get into a car—a computer that I put my body into—with my hearing aid—a computer I put inside my body—I want to know that these technologies are not designed to keep secrets from me, or to prevent me from terminating processes on them that work against my interests.”

Sadly, we seem to be well on our way to living in a world where technologies, wearable and otherwise, are being deployed which are designed to keep secrets from us, which are designed to prevent us from being able to control them, and which are even designed to prevent us from turning them off.