Liberace plays a Strangers in the Night, Hello Dolly, and Beer Barrel Polka Medley

Not exactly this blog’s usual fare but who can turn down a Liberace segment?

For the youngsters in the crowd, Liberace was seriously into bling before bling was a word. In fact, compared to his usual style, he is actually being somewhat low key in this video.

“Meet the N.S. teenager who sang Blackbird by The Beatles entirely in Mi’kmaq”

Emma Stevens of Eskasoni, NS has recently released a music video in which she sings the Beatles song Blackbird in Mi’kmaq. The focus of the article linked below is discussing her experience while translating Blackbird into Mi’kmaq. Very interesting.

The article includes a roughly six minute audio segment during which she is interviewed about her experience of creating the music video. It also has a link to the YouTube video in which she sings Blackbird.

Here’s a link to the earlier CBC segment titled “Cape Breton student sings beautiful Mi’kmaq rendition of the Beatles’ Blackbird” which the CBC segment referenced above is a followup of: