GeoGuessr (website)

If you’re into maps and getting lost, here’s the site for you! GeoGuessr drops you down (via Google Streetview) at some random location somewhere and then hand’s you the map and the keys to the virtual Streetview car. Your job is to figure out where you were dropped by driving around in said virtual Streetview car.

Needless to say, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • there’s no little blue dot (or anything else) on the map to tell you where you are (there is a white flag on the left side of the Streetview window that you can click to get back to where you were originally dropped off)
  • you get to select which region you want to get dropped into. Being pretty familiar with a tiny part of London, I tend to play the London map. If you want a real challenge then follow in the footsteps of over 40,000,000 previous attempts and ask to be dropped onto the “World” map (it can be VERY difficult but it is also a lot of fun (even if you end up getting dropped down in the middle of nowhere))
  • once you think you know where you were dropped down, put a pin down in the little map in the lower right-hand corner
  • you are scored on how far your claim of where you were dropped down is from where you were actually dropped down (my record on the “World” map for distance from the correct location is something like 8,000 km; generally speaking, if you do figure out where you were dropped down then it isn’t all that hard to get to within a handful of meters of the exactly correct location)
  • the GeoGuessr user interface can be a bit clunky at times. This is particularly true of the way that you drop the pin to indicate where you think you were dropped down at the start of the game. You might want to deliberately lose quickly a few times until you get the hang of exactly how you specify where you think you started the game.
  • if you end up enjoying the game, be advised that it is possible to spend a LOT of time playing GeoGuessr

That’s it. Off you go. I’ll be standing by to organize a search party should things not go according to plan.

The link takes you to the GeoGuessr map of the Netherlands. That’s not a very big place so, with a bit of luck and skill, you probably won’t get too lost.

Once you are on the map, just click on the GeoGuessr link on the top left corner if you’d rather play a different map.