“The Tiny Fish That Break a Fundamental Rule of Vertebrate Life”

The story of cryptobenthics – a category of fish that is literally the fast food of coral reefs. They fulfil this role by having roughly 70% of their population on a typical coral reef eaten every week. In a (very real?) sense, the only reason that these fish are not extinct is that they reproduce, hatch and grow quickly enough to replenish their numbers as fast as they are being eaten.


P.S. They “break” the fundamental rule that vertebrate spend most of their life as an adult. Cryptobenthics barely make it to adulthood before they are eaten.

“‘Catastrophe’ as France’s bird population collapses due to pesticides”

Bird populations in the agricultural regions of France are collapsing. Excessive pesticide use which is killing the insects that are the birds source of food appears to be the most likely suspect although the situation is exacerbated by increasingly large areas of monoculture crops (typically corn and wheat). Despite a government plan to reduce pesticide use by half by 2020, pesticide use continues to grow.

If the insects disappear, we disappear for the simple reason that many many insect species are critical parts of the food chain or play critical roles within the food chain (e.g. consuming decaying plants and animals). While insects as a whole are unlikely to be in any real danger of disappearing, many insect species which play important roles in our biosystem are increasing stressed by our way of life.


“‘We’re moving to higher ground’: America’s era of climate mass migration is here”

An article that demonstrates that climate change is not some vague far off possibility. The reality of climate change is disturbingly simple: climate change is happening right now and is getting worse as time goes by.