Most Popular Programming Languages 1965-2019

A video showing the evolution of the top ten most popular programming languages over the years. A few interesting ones to look for are Fortran (top language on the list from 1965 until 1979 and finally falling out of the top ten in early 1998), Ada (appears on the list in 1980 and after spending 1983 to 1994 somewhere in the top three, falls off the list by the end of 1995), and Java (appears on the list in 1995, makes the top three in 1997, sits at the top of the list from 2001 to 2018 when it drops to third where it remains today)..

Liberace plays a Strangers in the Night, Hello Dolly, and Beer Barrel Polka Medley

Not exactly this blog’s usual fare but who can turn down a Liberace segment?

For the youngsters in the crowd, Liberace was seriously into bling before bling was a word. In fact, compared to his usual style, he is actually being somewhat low key in this video.

Why the right’s usual smears don’t work on Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg’s position is that (heavily paraphrased) the science of climate change has been settled for decades* and the time has come to deal with it. That the science really has been settled for decades is demonstrated in various ways including the simple fact that the core climate change science has not changed in decades and we really are running of time to get serious about the climate crisis (see the various IPCC reports).

* For examples of core climate change science that has been settled for decades, see (1998), (describes 1988 research and controversy), and (late 70s).

Assault Rifles Won’t Solve Your Feral Hog Problem, Say Scientists

There really are people out there who believe that they need to be prepared should a herd of 30 to 50 feral hogs suddenly come charging out of the woods into the space that their children are playing in. These sorts of “Hollywood-movie-threats” tend to be given as examples when people with an overreliance on the effectiveness of firearms find themselves having to justify their need for an assault rifle.

The problem is that these folks don’t seem to understand that:

  1. there are all sorts of ‘surprises’ which could suddenly threaten their children like an out-of-control car crashing through the fence or a piece of an airplane falling out of the sky
  2. many of these ‘surprises’ are more likely to happen than a herd of 30 to 50 feral pigs appearing in the backyard of their suburban neighbourhood home
  3. an assault rifle with a super-sized clip isn’t going to be very useful should most of the most likely ‘surprises’ happen

“There is No Place for the State in the Bedrooms of the Nation”

One of Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s more famous quips. The words were actually first put together by The Globe and Mail’s Martin O’Malley and ‘borrowed’ by Trudeau.

White Nationalism’s Deep American Roots

“Americans want to believe that the surge in white-supremacist violence and recruitment has no roots in U.S. soil, that it is racist zealotry with a foreign pedigree and marginal allure,” wrote Adam Serwer in April 2019.

When in fact, he argued, “a strange kind of historical amnesia has obscured the American lineage of this white-nationalist ideology.”